a simple feast

Dessert Cocktails

Black Forest  11
Frangelico, Absolut Citron, cherry juice, cherry, up

Cappuccino Martini  11
espresso, Baileys, Absolut, up

The International 11
Jameson, Kahlua, Gran Marnier, aztec bitters, orange twist

Limoncello Martini  12
limoncello, Grey Goose, Lemon San Pellegrino, lemon


Violette Royal creme de violette, prosecco, lemon twist  10
Aperol Spritz aperol, prosecco, fresh orange   10

Maria Elena  cava rosada, elderflower blossom liqueur, lemon twist, rocks   10

Flora Smugglers’ Notch Distillery Vodka, elderflower tonic, dried lavender  10

Ciao Ciao Ciao  Singani 63, cherry amaro, muddled lemon and sugar in the raw  11

The Notch MRD vanilla rum, Goslings, apple cider reduction, ginger beer, apple   12​

The Ginger Old Fashioned  Bulleit rye, Angostura bitters, maple syrup, orange slice, cherry, ginger beer, candied ginger   13

The Filthy Martini  Grey Goose, dry vermouth, pickle brine, cornichon, pearl onion, up   13

Either/Or  Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin, cynar, luxardo, lemon peel  15

Fauna  duck fat Mad River Distiller's Rye, Barolo Chinato, dried fig, up  16
Herbal Elixir 2.0  Stonecutter spirits single barrel gin, lime juice, club soda, rosemary, rocks  16



Peroni Lager   5

​Sierra Pale Ale   5

Zero Gravity Green State Lager   5

Switchback Ale   5

Boddington's Cream Ale   5.5

​14th Star Maple Breakfast Stout   6

Lawson's Super Session   6

Budweiser   4

Shacksbury Semi-Dry Cider  6

Limoncello  5

Kahlua   7
Bailey's   7

Frenet  7

Grappa  7

Sambuca   8
Frangelico   8
Courvoisier   10
Armagnac   10
Hennessey   11
Grand Marnier   12
Port Founder's Reserve   6
​Port  20 year   12